Controlling a single-color LED strip using a single channel of the RGBW LED module with a monostable button

With Grenton's open system logic, we can easily adapt the system configuration to control single-color LED strips. This solution allows controlling four independent single-color LED circuits with one RGBW LED module.

The following manual provides instructions on how to prepare the control of one single-color LED strip within on/off control (click of button) and light intensity setting (hold of button).

To realize the mentioned functionality, the following are required:
  • central unit (CLU Z-Wave),
  • controller (e.g. Led RGBW DIN),
  • input module (e.g. I/O 8/8 DIN),
  • Object Manager environment for creating system logic.

Output configuration

1. Create a led_w_switch script responsible for controlling the LED circuit as the ON/OFF function:

2. Create a configuration, according to the following scheme:

if(CLU->LEDRGB->WhiteValue>0) then


Input configuration

  1. Select the Switch_W1 input and go to Embedded features. Make sure the values of Mode, HoldDelay and HoldInterval features match the following:

  • HoldDelay  feature - defines the time after which the system will recognize the given impulse (signal) as a trigger to the OnHold event,
  • HoldInterval feature - defines the interval with which the OnHold event will be repeated.

3. Go to the Events tab and assign the appropriate actions to the following events: 
  • Assign the HoldWhiteValue method with the selected value of the Ramp attribute to the OnHold event:

  • Assign the previously created led_w_switch script to the OnClick event - it will be responsible for ON/OFF control:

Sending the configuration to CLU

1. Once all changes have been made, send the configuration to the CLU.

Similarly, you can create a configuration for the remaining channels (R, G, B).