Creating a virtual object Thermostat with a source (temperature) from another CLU type module

The Thermostat virtual object can only be created on the CLU module and its source must be located on the same CLU on which it was created.

Quite often, there is a situation in which the temperature comes from another CLU type module, e.g. from the Smart Panel WiFi module, the Gate HTTP module or the Gate Modbus module.

In the described situation you should:
* create a user feature of number type in the CLU on which the virtual Thermostat will be created:

* assign a command that will pass the temperature value to the user feature to the OnValueChange event of the object returning the temperature value:

* create a virtual Thermostat and indicate the user feature value as the source:

The Thermostat created in this way can be added to the myGrenton interface and placed on the Smart Panel module.