FCU (Fan Coil Unit) Basic Configuration


In attached file you can find Fan Coil Unit basic configuration manual. It is prepared basing on three-speed fan controlled with 3 seperate relays and additional 2 for hot and cold water electrovalves. Instruction may vary depending on device being used and its specification. Please remember to check FCU specification to make sure that it does not demand special secure steps of configuration.

In additional second instruction you will find Smart Panel configuration and instructions how to prepare personalized page with controlling the set temperature basing on virtual thermostat working in automatic or manual mode. 

With the Smart Panel's buttons user may change the mode (AUTO, MANUAL or OFF), set temperature (setting the manual mode) and change the fan's speed (also in manual mode).

Configuration allows to be integrated with existing Smart Panel configuration - to do so, please visit  Smart Panel Extened configuration and use the tips from manual.

FCU Relay Controlling.pdf

FCU Controlling Smart Panel.pdf