Grenton Academy - Part 1


In the 1st part of the Grenton Academy, we present what a Smart Home system is, how to live in a Smart Home, and what features and amenities we can expect when we install it. We will tell you how home automation improves safety, comfort and savings.

We will show that Smart Home technology gives us a flexible home - the functions of which can be changed depending on many reason: the seasons of the year and the day or depending whether we have guests or we are on vacation. We will show how Smart Home independently controls heating, lighting, roller shutters, entrance and garage gates, or modern systems, such as recuperation or photovoltaics.


Part 1 is full of important information for those starting the adventure with Smart Home, and this is just the beginning. We invite you to Part 2, where we will describe step by step where to start planning and building Smart Home solutions. We will tell you how to prepare an electrical installation for Smart Home solutions.