Grenton Academy - Part 2


In the 2nd part of the Grenton Academy we present how to prepare the electrical installation, as well as low-voltage system for Smart Home. We advise how to choose various types of electrical wires and structural cabling for integration with other systems of a modern home. We also provide specific installation guidelines for Grenton Smart Home devices, showing different versions of the system architecture for small and large facilities. After watching this episode, you will find answers to very common questions about how to prepare cabling for heating, lighting, roller shutters, alarm systems, entrance and garage gates, or integration with a recuperator or a photovoltaic inverter in a smart home. You will also know what the maximum length of the Grenton TF-Bus is, how to connect Smart and Touch Panels in the case of star wiring. You will also learn simple rules for bus termination.


Part 2 is a section suitable for investors and installers of Smart Home systems who plan to wire the building for the Smart Home system. We invite you to see Part 3, where we will present the portfolio of Grenton system modules in a very accessible way. This will help in the next stage of investment planning, i.e. in the selection of devices necessary to achieve the expected system functions.