Grenton Academy - Part 4


In the 4th part of the Grenton Academy we present how to properly power the Grenton Smart Home System. 

This training episode advises what elements to choose, what kind of good practices apply and also provides specific installation guidelines for the Grenton Smart Home system, showing different versions of the system architecture for small but also large objects.

You find information about what mistakes to avoid so that the smart home can properly control heating, lighting, roller shutters, alarm system, entrance and garage doors, or integration with a recuperator or a photovoltaic inverter.


The Part 4 is a section suitable for investors who think about buying a smart home system and installers who plan to start install the Grenton Smart Home System.

Right after the part 4, we invite you to see the Part 5, in which we will tell you how to configure the Smart Home system using the Grenton Object Manager application.