How is the heating control performed?


Grenton system can control the temperature in the whole house. The temperature can be set individually for each freely created heating area. Just choose the temperature sensor and the object which is to be controlled and the character of system work and it will do everything for you!

Controlling the heating is performed in the logic of system via virtual Thermostat objects. Building the logic of such element we give the source, i.e. the object from which the temperature value should be taken and the receiver, i.e. the device, which is to be overdriven (valve, actuator). This object can perform in three modes:

  • Manual mode – the system leads to maintain the temperature set by the user,
  • Automatic mode – the temperature is set accordingly to predefined work schedule,
  • Holiday mode – the system sets the temperature on a set level when we are absent for a longer period of time – this function lets to save the energy.

Find out more about managing the temperature in your building with Grenton here: