Storing the state of outputs based on the persistence of user features


The persistence of user features allows you to remember the state of output objects and restore their values ​​after a voltage failure.

The mentioned functionality is available in the beta version of FW for CLU.

To create the mentioned configuration it is necessary to:

- create a user feature of number type with the Persistency option selected:

- create a script that passes the output value to the user feature:

where device and value are script parameters specifying the object and its value:

- assign the launch of the previously created script with appropriate parameters to the OnValueChange event of a specific output, e.g.:

for DOUT_01 object:

for DOUT_02:

for DOUT_03:

for DOUT_04:

- create a script assigned to the OnInit event in CLU that sets appropriate values ​​in the output objects after power failure:

- send the configuration to the CLU module.