Getting information about air quality from Sensor Community


Note! The following instruction is dedicated for the second generation of HTTP Gate module (FW: 1.1.11-2218B)!

If we want to use information about air quality in the system, we may use an external service for this purpose e.g.:

According to the example on the website:, the API request might look like this:

where: apiID it is a sensor marking visible after selecting it on the map:

Below we describe how you can easily obtain this information from two different sensors:

  • Create the HttpRequest virtual object:
  • Set the following parameters in the HttpRequest virtual object:

    Path: /airrohr/v1/sensor/61982/

  • Create another HttpRequest virtual object and set its parameters as follows:

    Path: /airrohr/v1/sensor/61983/

  • In the next step, create user features of the number type:

  • Then prepare a script called resp_dust:

    if(Gate_HTTP->sensor_dust->StatusCode==200) then
      local resp = Gate_HTTP->sensor_dust->ResponseBody
      Gate_HTTP->PM10 = resp[1].sensordatavalues[1].value
      Gate_HTTP->PM2 = resp[1].sensordatavalues[2].value


  • Assign the script to the OnResponse event in the HttpRequest virtual object named sensor_dust:

  • Then prepare a script called resp_air:

    if(Gate_HTTP->sensor_air->StatusCode==200) then
      local resp = Gate_HTTP->sensor_air->ResponseBody
      Gate_HTTP->sens_temp = resp[1].sensordatavalues[1].value
      Gate_HTTP->sens_pressure = resp[1].sensordatavalues[2].value/100
      Gate_HTTP->sens_humidity = resp[1].sensordatavalues[3].value

  • Assign the script to the OnResponse event in the HttpRequest virtual object named sensor_air:

  • Send the configuration to the CLU.

  • After sending the configuration, in both objects call the SendRequest method.

  • After calling the script, the StatusCode feature in both objects should get the value of 200.

  • User feature values should get the appropriate values:

  • For comparison - responses to requests sent via the browser:

  • The obtained data can be displayed in the mobile application, on the Smart Panel or used to create logic in the system.
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