Grenton Academy - Part 3


In the 3rd part of the Grenton Academy we present a wide range of Grenton Smart Home devices, i.e. modules that perform particular functions. We will present one by one the family of modules dividing them into flush-mounted and to electric cabinets for DIN rail.

We will also show you what is the difference between wired modules communicating on the TF-Bus and wireless ones in the Z-wave standard. For each group of modules, we will tell you what electrical parameters the module has in a specific version, and also what is the most common application in real systems implemented in houses and apartments. After watching this episode, you will be able to decide whether you need the Grenton Relay 4HP module for a specific function, or Grenton I / O 8/8. In this episode, we will show you the advantages of our glass wall panels - both Grenton Touch Panel and Grenton Smart Panel, equipped with an OLED screen and the possibility of contactless control of hand gestures. After watching this episode, it should be clear which specific module is necessary to connect: the heating system, lighting, roller shutters, entrance and garage gates. We also advise how to connect more advanced systems thanks to the GATE family of modules - e.g. how to integrate with the Satel or Jablotron alarm system, but also with recuperation, photovoltaics or weather service.


Part 3 is an episode suitable for investors who want to learn more about single modules and Grenton devices, but first of all it is dedicated for Smart Home system installers who in practice select the appropriate devices and plan their placement in the Smart Home. We invite you to watch Part 4, where we will show you in a very accessible way how to properly power up and start the system for the first time and how to configure the myGrenton application running on Smartphones and Tablets to be able to control your Smart Home from these devices, even outside of it.