Integration with the Ekey fingerprint reader

This article presents the integration of the Ekey fingerprint reader with the Grenton Smart Home system using Gate Http

The set of Ekey devices used for integration is:

  • Ekey xLine fingerprint reader
  • Ekey xLine controller reader 


Integration enables:

  • reading who authorized the opening of the door
  • launching defined scenes after opening the door
  • sending a notification about opening the door

Gate Http configuration

  1. In the first step, prepare the Http Listener object
  2. Then, we add a script to the OnRequest event in the object that will launch the "Back home" scene and confirm receipt of the request from Ekey.


Gate_Http->Listener->StatusCode = 200 
Gate_Http->Listener->ResponseBody = "OK" 

Ekey system configuration

  1. The reader installation and configuration process is available here and here
  2. After completing the above steps, we can proceed to create an HTTP(S) Request that will be sent to Gate Http
  • Go to the settings in the application and select "Smart home connections"

Screenshot_20231009_111814 (1)

  • Then we move on to creating the HTTP(S) Request


  • We fill in the fields as follows:


The "Name" and "Location" fields can be filled in freely

Method: POST
URL: (Gate Http IP address and Path from our Listener object)
The "Request Header" and "Request Body" may be left blank
Security Level: AllowHttp
Authentication: No authentication


Changes should be saved and go to the main menu and the Users field:


We select "Fingerprint" then "Functions" and add the Http Request that we have prepared.


Now, after placing your finger on the reader, a Request will be sent to our Gate Http.