Integration with ORNO OR-WE-514 energy meter

The purpose of this article is to present an example of integrating the energy meter with the Grenton Smart Home System. The following integration is using the Modbus RTU communication protocol.


The energy meter used in this example is ORNO OR-WE-514. Documentation of Modbus protocol is available here.


According to the documentation - the default settings are as follows:

  • address: 1;
  • baud rate: 9600;
  • stop bits: 1;
  • parity: EVEN.


This integration allows us to receive the following informations:

  • value of active and reactive energy;
  • value of voltage and current;
  • frequency,
  • value of power factor.


To complete the example you will need:

  • CLU Z-Wave
  • Gate Modbus
  • ORNO OR-WE-514 energy meter


Configuration of the Modbus virtual objects

1. Add Modbus virtual objects on Gate Modbus module: 

2. Enter the values of Embedded features in Modbus virtual objects as follows:

* Active power:

* Reactive power:

* Voltage:

* Current:

* Frequency:

* Power factor:

3. Send the configuration to the Gate Modbus module.


4. The read register values ​​look as follows in the myGrenton application: