Integration with the Elsner P03/3 Modbus weather station

The purpose of this article is to present an example of integrating the weather station with the Grenton Smart Home System. The following integration is using the Modbus RTU communication protocol.

The weather station used in this example is ELSNER ELEKTRONIK P03/3 Modbus.

This integration allows us to receive the following information:

  • temperature value
  • brightness value from East, South and West
  • wind strength value
  • detection of precipitation.

To complete this example, we need:

  • CLU Z-Wave
  • Gate Modbus
  • Weather station P03/3 Modbus.


Configuration of Modbus periphery objects

  1. According to the weather station's documentation, we make settings that will allow Modbus communication.

  2. We add Modbus periphery objects:

    3. We complete the values of the embedded features:

  • Precipitation
  • Temperature

A script should be prepared to read negative temperature values. You will find the details here.

  • Wind Strength
  • Brightness: South
  • Brightness: East
  • Brightness: West

Readout of register values in the myGrenton application 

  1. We create an interface with Value widgets.

2. The State field we complete with the Value feature of the appropriate register.

We do the same with each parameter that we want to visualize in the application.