Configuration SIP

At least two SIP accounts are needed to connect a mobile device to the video intercom. To obtain accounts, please contact - in response you will receive the necessary data that you will enter in the next steps.

  1. SIP in the myGrenton application

    In the myGrenton application settings, in the Intercom Settings->SIP Configuration field, enter the first Account Number and Password

Correct login to the server will be confirmed in the "Status" field


2. SIP settings in the video intercom panel

  • Enter the IP address of the video intercom panel in the browser and go to the "Panel" tab, enter the second SIP number (User) and password

  • Go to the Forward tab and add a new redirection
    Apartament number: 1111 (for default settings)
    Forward number: the SIP account number that was entered into the myGrenton application, in our case it is 1017