Monitoring events using diagnostic logs

Note! Diagnostic logging support for CLU was released in version 5.10.03-2248. Please refer to our system manual for details.

The mentioned diagnostic logs can be used, among other things, to monitoring events generated by objects. This function will be useful for determining the source of the control signal when the output object is controlled from several inputs.

For this purpose you should:
1. Run diagnostic logs by setting the TelnetLogLevel feature to Debug:

Note! After sending the configuration, the ON and ERR LEDs on the CLU will flash simultaneously.

2. Create a script (s_logging):
print(CLU->Time .. ",  " .. name .. ",  " .. event)

where name and event are parameters of the mentioned script:

3. Calling the script with appropriate parameter values assign to the events of selected objects, e.g.:

4. Send the configuration to the CLU.

After sending the configuration, the generated events can be viewed in diagnostic logs or via Telnet (port 23):