What to do when the connection with Grenton Cloud is not working?

If myGrenton mobile app does not connect to the Grenton System through Grenton Cloud Connection then:

1. Check if the UseCloud feature (CLU properties -> Embedded features) is set to "True". 

In case the UseCloud feature is set to “True”, check if the CLU has connected to the Cloud - the value of the CloudConnection feature (CLU properties -> Embedded features) should be "True":

Keep in mind that all CLU class devices (i.e. Gate Alarm, Gate Http, Gate Modbus) also require these settings. See below:


2. Check the network gateway settings for the project - it should match with the Router's settings.

Also check if the network mask is set as, if not change the network configuration.

If you want to change the gateway settings, start CLU Discovery and set the gateway to the Router's address: