CCT LED strip control

The offer of Grenton building automation system devices includes an RGBW LED controller designed to control, among other things, LED strips. Thanks to the open logic of the Grenton system, we can adapt the system to control two-color CCT LED strips. With one RGBW LED module, we can control two independent two-color LED circuits. The instructions below contain steps on how to prepare the control of a single, two-color LED strip in terms of on/off control (clicking the button) and setting the color of the light (holding the button). The manual also includes control using the myGrenton application.


To implement the following functionality you need:

The method of connecting a two-color CCT LED strip to the RGBW LED module is described in point 2 in this article.
Implementation of the functionality will require the creation of: 
  • scripts - named in the sample project
    • LEDCCT_HoldTemperature - Color change operation with push button,
    • LEDCCT_OnValueChange - Status update, 
    • LEDCCT_CheckMode -  Changing the state (flag) of the color change,
    • LEDCCT_SliderTemperature - Color changing with slider,
    • LEDCCT_Switch - support for controlling the LED circuit on the on/off basis.

  • User features - in the example project named:
    • CCT_OnOff - current state of the LED circuit.
    • CCT_Mode - current direction of color change,
    • CCT_Value - the current value of the LED circuit light intensity,


    CLU central unit configuration

    1. Double-click the CLU icon to enter the module settings

    2. Go to the "User Features" tab and create the following features:

    • CCT_OnOff - current state of the LED circuit - initial value Off.
    • CCT_Mode - current direction of color change - initial value Warm,
    • CCT_Value - current light color value - initial value 0 ,

    Logic configuration

    1. The following scripts will be used to fully support the functionality:

    • LEDCCT_HoldTemperature - Color change operation with push button,
    • LEDCCT_OnValueChange - Status update,
    • LEDCCT_CheckMode -  Change of state (flag) of color change,
    • LEDCCT_SliderTemperature - Support for color change using a slider,
    • LEDCCT_Switch - support for controlling the LED circuit on an on/off basis.

    In order to create a script, click the Add script field in the object tree in the Object Manager

    2. Prepare the LEDCCT_HoldTemperature script:

    local offset = 5
    if CLU->CCT_Mode == "Warm" then
    CLU->CCT_Value = CLU->Livingroom_Led->RedValue

    3. Prepare the LEDCCT_OnValueChange script:

    if CLU->Salon_Led->RedValue == 0 and CLU->Salon_Led->GreenValue == 0 then

    4. Prepare the LEDCCT_CheckMode script

    local mode
    if CLU->Livingroom_Led->RedValue == 0 then
    CLU->CCT_Mode = "Warm"
    if CLU->Livingroom_Led->RedValue == 255 then
    CLU->CCT_Mode = "Cold"

    5. Prepare the LEDCCT_SliderTemperature script

    CLU->CCT_Value = Value

    for the script, add a parameter, e.g. named value.

    6. Prepare the LEDCCT_Switch script

    if CLU->Livingroom_Led->RedValue == 0 and CLU->Livingroom_Led->GreenValue == 0 then

    Configuration of input devices

    1. Give the name of the button that will be responsible for temperature control, e.g.: LED_ControlTmperature.

    2. Go to the "Embeded features" tab and set the HoldDelay and HoldInterval parameters as below.

    • the HoldDelay feature specifies the time after which the system will start to recognize the given impulse (signal) as the OnHold event,
    • the HoldInterval feature defines the interval with which the OnHold event will be executed.

    Go to the "Events" tab and assign appropriate commands to the following events.

    • for the OnSwitchOff event

    • for the OnHold event - it will be responsible for handling the color change. The OnHold event is an event executed cyclically every time placed in the HoldInverval proper

    • for the OnClick event - it will be responsible for on/off control

    Configuration of output devices

    1. Give a name to the RGBW LED module that will control the color, e.g. Livingroom_Led.

    2. Go to the "Events" tab and assign the script to the OnValueChange event.

    Sending configuration to the system

    1. After making all the changes, send the configuration to the CLU using the button below on the toolbar:

    Supporting another two-color LED strip using the same module will require control using subsequent channels of the RGBW LED module - B and W. For this purpose, for the next LED circuit, follow the above instructions analogously.

    Creating the myGrenton interface

    1. Create an interface

    2. Add an ON_OFF widget and configure it as follows: 3. Add a SLIDER widget and configure it as follows: 4. Send the interface to your mobile device

    Checking the operation of the configuration

    The following video shows how the created configuration works