Receiving information from the OpenWeatherMap website


If we want to use information about the weather, sunrise or sunset in the system, we can use an external website for this purpose, e.g.

According to the example on:

the API query looks like as following:
API call:{city name}&appid={your api key}.

Below is presented how we can easily obtain this information:

  • Create the HttpRequest periphery object:
  • The following parameters should be set in the HttpRequest object:
    Path: /data/2.5/weather
    QueryStringParams: q=Krakow&appid={your api key}

    Warning! The api key is obtained after creating an account at

  • The next step is to create user features of the number type:
  • Then prepare the script:
    if(GATE_HTTP->open_weather_map->StatusCode==200) then

    local resp = GATE_HTTP->open_weather_map->ResponseBody

    GATE_HTTP->owm_lon = resp.coord.lon

    GATE_HTTP->owm_lat =

    GATE_HTTP->owm_weather_main =[1].main

    GATE_HTTP->owm_weather_desc =[1].description

    GATE_HTTP->owm_weather_base = resp.base

    GATE_HTTP->owm_temp = resp.main.temp

    GATE_HTTP->owm_temp_min = resp.main.temp_min

    GATE_HTTP->owm_temp_max = resp.main.temp_max

    GATE_HTTP->owm_pressure = resp.main.pressure

    GATE_HTTP->owm_humidity = resp.main.humidity

    GATE_HTTP->owm_visibility = resp.visibility

    GATE_HTTP->owm_wind_speed = resp.wind.speed

    GATE_HTTP->owm_wind_deg = resp.wind.deg

    GATE_HTTP->owm_cloud_all = resp.clouds.all

    GATE_HTTP->owm_country =

    GATE_HTTP->owm_sunrise = resp.sys.sunrise

    GATE_HTTP->owm_sunset = resp.sys.sunset

    GATE_HTTP->owm_timezone = resp.timezone

    GATE_HTTP->owm_city =

  • Assign the script to the OnResponse event in the HttpRequest periphery object:
  • Then, the configuration should be sent to the CLU.
  • After the configuration has been successfully sent, the SendRequest method should be called in the Control tab of the HttpRequest periphery object:
  • After calling the method, the StatusCode feature should receive the value 200.
  • User features values should receive appropriate values:
  • To verify received information, it is possible to paste query to an internet browser and compare:
  • The obtained data can be displayed in the mobile application and Smart Panel or use to create logic in the system.