Grenton Dali - Dali Discovery

The DALI Controller module is a DALI master and is able to control up to 64 Control Gears on the DALI bus. The DALI Controller allows the control of all light control devices within the range defined by EN 62386-102, and the DT8 extension. The module allows the control of individual ballasts as well as control by groups, each ballast can be assigned to 16 groups. This makes it much easier to organize lighting control and create advanced control scenarios. 

Once you have connected and found the Dali Controller module to your system, the next step is to find the ballasts connected to the DALI bus. Below is a description of how to do this.

There are two methods of addressing ballasts:

  • Automatic addressing – Dali_Discovery method 
  • Manual addressing - SetLocalAddress method

Automatic addressing is used in a newly created installation where you assign addresses to all ballasts with a single click using the Dali­_Discovery method:

After calling the Dali_Discovery method, go to the Embedded features tab, where observe the value of the State feature equal 1 appears, which means that ballasts are searching:

After completing the Dali Discovery procedure (State=3), information about the number of found ballasts will appear:

CLU Discovery must be performed in order to appearance of ballasts in Object Manager.

The DALI_GEAR objects represent the added ballasts.


Manual addressing allows individual ballasts to be addressed using the SetLocalAddress method. This function is helpful in case when after DALI Discovery the ballast is not found, there is a duplicate address, or there is a need to obtain a specific address order according to the installation order: