Integration with Haier air conditioner

Please note that the second generation Gate Modbus module (FW: 1.1.10-2140) was used in the following manual!


The purpose of this article is to show how to integrate Haier air conditioners with the Grenton Smart Home system via the YCJ-A002 converter and the Modbus RTU communication protocol.

The air conditioner used in the example below is the Haier AS25S2SF1FA-WH.

The converter documentation is available at: YCJ-A002.


The integration allows, among others:

  • to read the status of the device and switch it on/off,
  • to read the operating mode and change it,
  • to read the set-point temperature and change it,
  • to read the indoor temperature,
  • to read the fan speed and change it.

Configuration of Modbus virtual objects

1. Create a Modbus virtual object. 


2. For the default settings of the converter - complete the values of the Embedded features of virtual objects as follows:


* Device state:


* Operating mode:


* Set-point temperature:


* Indoor temperature (read only):


* Fan speed:


3. Upload the configuration to the Modbus Gate module.