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Power supply of Grenton 2.0


In order to stable and correct work of Grenton system, the power supply of modules by 24V voltage of direct current is required. The system may be supplied in 2 ways:


  • Power supply 24V DC connected to screw connectors on CLU
  • Power supply 24V DC connected to Bus Module


After connecting the 24V DC power supply to the connector placed on the top of CLU, the current flowing through the system bus is equal to 24V DC of voltage and 1A of amperage.

If the summary current demand for modules connected to the bus is bigger than 1A, there is a need to apply additional power supply. The limitation comes from the cross-section of used bus wires.

The scheme of such connection is showed below.

If there are used flush-mounted modules or touch panels supplied via TF-Bus, the voltage drop related to length of wires should be taken into account.

In order to do this, measure the voltage at the end of the bus.

In case of adjustable power supply application, before system start-up, check the value of secondary voltage (cannot exceed 24V). Too high voltage may cause damage to the modules.