What is Smart Lighting?

What is Smart Lighting?

The times when there was only one lamp in the living room are long gone. In modern houses, we install more and more lamps which not only illuminate the interior but also perform a decorative function. In the times, when almost everyone uses a smartphone, and our cars are full of electronics, the regular switch installed in the wall, even though they may work well,  is quite a primitive solution. What if we made the lighting more intelligent? Below, we have described several examples proving that modern installations can completely change our image of the way the lighting should work. The smart home systems make it possible to squeeze much more from the lighting installed in your home, making it noticeably more comfortable, or even luxurious!


Lighting scenes

Controlling light stages is one of the most basic smart home applications. Thanks to the ability to control each lamp separately and the regulation of their brightness,  you can make the lighting perfectly adapted to your current activity with a single pressing. Would you like to watch a movie? When activating a “cinema” scene, the lamps on the ceiling and behind the TV will give only a gentle glow. Obviously, the final image of the lighting system scene depends entirely on your creativity and needs. What is more, you can create numerous scenes for each room and switch them any time you like.

Light scenes can be switched on also with the use of a smartphone, or even a TV remote control. Therefore, you do not have to run to the switch each time, just press one button, that’s about it.


The light just like in nature

Scientists convince us that our organism works better when the light in our house and work resembles the natural sunlight. Yet, during the day, the natural colour of the light changes accordingly to the daytime. The cold colour of the light gives more energy in the morning, allowing to start a new day easier. The warm light, in contrast, creates the peaceful mood and enables us to calm down after a hard day. Why not apply LED RGB lamps to imitate the natural change of the light accordingly to the daily rhythm? The smart home system, thanks to the possibility of precise regulation of light colour, will be a perfect solution in this case.


Soft switching

We switch the light on and the lightbulb immediately illuminates with full power. We are all used to this to the extent that it does not bother us anymore. However, our sight reacts much better if the lightbulb lights up less abruptly. The use of smart regulators of light intensity (dimmers) allows for the so-called “soft start” – the lamp fluently illuminates the room at a specified time. The speed of lighting up depends entirely on you. If you like, when the lamp switches on immediately with full power, you can fix the time on half a second only. And if you prefer for it to switch up more fluently – fix the time for one or two seconds..


Intensive light in the evening, gentle at night

There is nothing worse than a sharp light of the lamp switched on in the middle of the night. Yet it is difficult to go to the toilet through complete darkness. The smart home provides an intelligent solution to this problem as well. How about lamps, which switch on in the evening with the full power, and during the night only give a minimal light – exactly as much as you need to reach the goal without an unpleasant dazzle? Using the schedule function in the GRENTON system, you can easily fix the minimal brightness of your lamps, depending on the day and night time.


Gentle wake up

No one likes the harsh sound of an alarm clock in the morning. No surprises here. Without going into details regarding sleep phases, the abrupt wake up makes us irritated and sleepy. But there is a solution: very slow and gentle lightening in the bedroom, a few minutes before the alarm clock turns on will make your body react to it in less abrupt manner. In the effect, you wake up less sleepy and certainly you will start your day easier.