Integration with Wanas recuperator

Note! The following instruction is dedicated for the second generation of Modbus Gate module (FW: 1.1.10-2140)!

The purpose of this article is presenting an integration of Grenton system with Wanas recuperator using Modbus RTU communication protocol. 

The user manual is available at: Wanas - documentation

The integration allows to read the value of (for example):

  • air supply gear;
  • air exhaust gear;
  • air supply temperature;
  • air exhaust temperature.

In order to execute this integration, there are needed:

  • Gate Modbus (named Gate_Modbus)
  • Recuperator Wanas (e.g. Wanas 555 V_XF)


Configuration of Modbus virtual objects

1. Add Modbus virtual object on Gate_Modbus:


2. For default settings of recuperator - enter the values of Embedded features in Modbus virtual objects as follows:

* Air supply gear:

* Air exhaust gear:

* Air supply temperature:

* Air exhaust temperature:

* Gear of zone 1 (also Write function is available):


3. Send the configuration to the Gate Modbus.

Wanas recuperator - integration manual
Documentation Wanas